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Bachelor of Arts (BA) at IGNOU

University: Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) (Approved by UGC).

Type of Degree: Distance Learning

The University offers Bachelor of Arts Degree with the following Disciplines:

  1. Anthropology
  2. Economics
  3. History
  4. Political science
  5. Psychology
  6. Public administration
  7. Sociology
  8. Mathematics
  9. English

Students must choose any two disciplines.

Objectives: The Bachelors of Arts programme is a broad based programme with a mix of disciplinary, interdisciplinary and skill based courses. It has the following objectives:

  1. Introduce the learners to the main themes and topics of disciplines in humanities, social  sciences  and sciences,
  2. Provide the learners with the information and skills necessary to understand and analyse their world,
  3. Enable  the  learners to work towards ability and skill  enhancement  through exposure to  appropriate courses.
  4. Impart  reading and writing skills through assignments  and exercises of  such kind at an  undergraduate level.
  5. Expose the learner to the importance of  interdisciplinariy.

Eligibility : 10+2 or its equivalent or BPP from IGNOU

Medium of Instruction : English

Duration :  Minimum  3 years and Maximum 6  years; offered in July cycle of admissions.

The University follows the credit system for offering all its programmes. One credit is  equal  to 30  hours  of learners study time. To earn Bachelor’s Degree, a learner has to complete 132 credits in minimum six semesters (three years) with 22 credits per semester. The 132 credits of the  programme  have to be earned  by completing  the following categories of courses:

  1. Core Courses(CC)
  2. Discipline Specific Electives (DSE)
  3. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Courses (AECC)
  4. Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC)
  5. Generic Electives (GE)

Programme Details:

1Core Course - EnglishBEGLA 135English In Daily Life6
1Ability Enhancement Courses - Environmental StudiesBEVAE 181Environmental Studies4
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
1Core CourseBANC 131Anthropology and Research Methods6
1Core CourseBECC 131Principles of Microeconomics-I6
1Core CourseBHIC 131History of India from the Earliest Times upto 300 CE6
1Core CourseBPSC 131Introduction to Political Theory6
1Core CourseBPCC 131Foundations of Psychology6
1Core CourseBPAC 131Perspectives on Public Administration6
1Core CourseBSOC 131Introduction to Sociology6
1Core CourseBEGC 131Individual & Society6
1Core CourseBMTC 131Calculus6
2Core CourseBEGLA 136English At The Work Place6
2Core CourseBEGAE 182English Communication Skills4
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
2Core CourseBANC 132Fundamentals of Biological Anthropology6
2Core CourseBECC 132Principles of Microeconomics-II6
2Core CourseBHIC 132History of India from C.300 to 12066
2Core CourseBPCC 132Introduction to Social Psychology6
2Core CourseBPSC 132Indian Government and Politics6
2Core CourseBPAC 132Administrative Thinkers6
2Core CourseBSOC 132Sociology of India6
2Core CourseBEGC 132Selections From Indian Writing: Cultural Diversity6
2Core CourseBMTC 132Differential Equations6
3Core CourseBEGLA 137Language Through Literature6
Choose any one
3Skill Enhancement CoursesBPCS 185Developing Emotional Competence4
3Skill Enhancement CoursesBEGS 183Writing And Study Skills4
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
3Core CourseBANC 133Fundamentals of Social and Cultural Anthropology6
3Core CourseBECC 133Principles of Macroeconomics-I6
3Core CourseBHIC 133History of India from C.1206 to 17076
3Core CourseBPSC 133Comparative Government and Politics6
3Core CourseBPCC 133Psychological Disorders6
3Core CourseBPAC 133Administrative system at Union Level6
3Core CourseBSOC 133Sociological Theories6
3Core CourseBEGC 133British Literature6
3Core CourseBMTC 133Real Analysis6
4Core CourseBEGLA 138Reading And Speaking Skills6
Choose any one
4Skill Enhancement CoursesBECS 184Data Analysis4
4Skill Enhancement CoursesBPAS 184Logistics Management4
4Skill Enhancement CoursesBPCS 184School Psychology4
4Skill Enhancement CoursesBPCS 186Managing Stress4
4Skill Enhancement CoursesBSOS 184Techniques of Ethnographic Film Making4
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
4Core CourseBANC 134Fundamentals of Archaeological Anthropology6
4Core CourseBECC 134Principles of Macroeconomics-II6
4Core CourseBHIC 134History of India from C 1707 to 19506
4Core CourseBPCC 134Statistical Methods and Psychological Research6
4Core CourseBPSC 134Introduction to International Relations6
4Core CourseBSOC 134Methods of Sociological Enquiry
4Core CourseBEGC 134Reading The Novel6
4Core CourseBMTC 134Algebra6
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
5Discipline Specific Electives - AnthropologyBANE 145Anthropology - Applied Anthropology6
5Discipline Specific Electives - EconomicsBECE 145Economics - Indian Economy – I6
5Discipline Specific Electives - HistoryBHIE 141History - History of China : C. 1840-19786
5Discipline Specific Electives - HistoryBHIE 145History - Some aspects of European History : C. 1789 – 19456
5Discipline Specific Electives - Public AdministrationBPAE 141Public Administration - Right to Information6
5Discipline Specific Electives - Public AdministrationBPAE 143Public Administration - Administrative System in BRICS6
5Discipline Specific Electives - PsychologyBPCE 145Psychology - Counselling Psychology6
5Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 141Political Science - Gandhi and the Contemporary World6
5Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 143Political Science - State Politics in India6
5Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 145Political Science - Democracy and Development in Northeast India6
5Discipline Specific Electives - SociologyBSOE 145Sociology - Religion and Society6
5Discipline Specific Electives - EnglishBEGE 141English - Understanding Prose6
5Discipline Specific Electives - EnglishBEGE 143English - Understanding Poetry6
5Discipline Specific Electives - EnglishBEGE 145English - Soft Skills6
5Discipline Specific Electives - MathematicsBMTE 141Mathematics - Linear Algebra6
Choose any one
5Skill Enhancement CoursesBPCS 187Managing Human Resources4
5Skill Enhancement CoursesBSOS 185Society through the Visual4
5Skill Enhancement CoursesBEGS 185English Language Teaching4
Choose any one
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBEGG 171Media and Communication Skills6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBEGG 173Academic Writing & Composition6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPAG 171Disaster Management6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPAG 173E-Governance6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 171General Psychology6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 173Psychology for Health and Well-being6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 175Psychology for Living6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBSOG 171Indian Society: Images and Realities6
5Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBSOG 173Rethinking Development6
Two Courses (One for each chosen discipline)
6Discipline Specific Electives - AnthropologyBANE 146Anthropology - Anthropology of Indigenous People6
6Discipline Specific Electives - EconomicsBECE 146Economics - Indian Economy – II6
6Discipline Specific Electives - HistoryBHIE 142History - History of Environment6
6Discipline Specific Electives - HistoryBHIE 144History - Traditions of History Writing in India6
6Discipline Specific Electives - Public AdministrationBPAE 142Public Administration - Organisational Behaviour6
6Discipline Specific Electives - Public AdministrationBPAE 144Public Administration - Social Policies and Administration6
6Discipline Specific Electives - PsychologyBPCE 146Psychology - Industrial/ Organisational Psychology6
6Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 142Political Science - India’s Foreign Policy in a Changing World6
6Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 144Political Science - Introduction to South Asia6
6Discipline Specific Electives - Political ScienceBPSE 146Political Science - Conflict Resolution and Peace building6
6Discipline Specific Electives - SociologyBSOE 146Sociology - Marriage, Family and Kinship6
6Discipline Specific Electives - SociologyBSOE 148Sociology - Social Stratification6
6Discipline Specific Electives - EnglishBEGE 142English - Understanding Drama6
6Discipline Specific Electives - MathematicsBMTE 144Mathematics - Numerical Analysis6
Choose any one
6Skill Enhancement CoursesBPAS 186Stress and Time Management4
6Skill Enhancement CoursesBPCS 188Application of Social Psychology4
6Skill Enhancement CoursesBEGS 186Business Communication4
Choose any one
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBGDG 172Gender Sensitization: Society and Culture6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBEGG 172Language and Linguistics6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBEGG 174Creative Writing6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPAG 172Governance: Issues and Challenges6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPAG 174Sustainable Development6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 172Youth, Gender and Identity6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 174Psychology and Media6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBPCG 176Psychology of Gender6
6Generic/ Interdisciplinary ElectiveBSOG 176Economy and Society6

Admission Date:Admission is open once a year between June-Aug.

Age Limits: 18+, No upper age limit

Attendance Requirements: No attendance required except for BA Psychology practical courses.

Assignments: Required (20% weightage)

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