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Difference between regular and part-time Ph.D. – Perspective for working professionals

Ph.D. is the highest university degree that is conferred after a course of study by university. To pursue long term academic goals, one generally opts for a Ph.D. degree.

The majority of registered universities in India offer full time or part-time Ph.D. Significant difference between part-time and full-time Ph.D. is the duration of the program. Part-time as well as a regular Ph.D. has to be completed in 3 years. Part-Time Ph.D. gives individuals more flexibility in terms of and financially manageable. For universities offering full-time Ph.D., they offer a residential program where students are in constant touch with their mentors and there is relatively more value creation as the focus is solely on research.

Working professionals usually opt for a part-time Ph.D. Government employees who pursue Ph.D. have to take up the 4-year program. It is mandatory to submit a No-Objection certificate (NOC) while joining the university. For government employees, NOC is usually issued for 4 years in such cases. So an individual who holds a government job has to pursue a 4year Ph.D. program.

People working in the private sector, it is advisable to opt for a regular 3 years Ph.D. program. They can complete their research off-site. This gives them flexibility in terms of time.

We at Ph.D. India, ensure smooth onboarding for Ph.D. aspirants. We have partnered with registered universities and ensure our students receive an ample amount of guidance during their research. The basis of our expertise and understanding of a 4year Ph.D. program is advisable for government employees, whereas a 3-year regular program for working professionals in the private sector.

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