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Foreign job opportunities for Ph.D. holders

The most popular career option after Ph.D. is academics or research and development where one can become a professor, lecturer, or researcher. But that is not the only job option available for a Ph.D. holder abroad. Today, a lot of job opportunities are available for Ph.D. holders in the industries as well.

Based on the field that is chosen, below are some of the job opportunities the Ph.D. holders can apply:
1. Professors
2. Assistant lecturer
3. Research
4. Market Research Analyst
5. Business Development Manager: Nowadays, science PhDs are being increasingly hired as BDMs 6. Competitive Intelligence Analyst
7. Product Manager: PM roles are available for PhDs in most technology-based sectors, including electronics, aeronautics, IT and software, and of course, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors 8. Management Consulting: Even the most reputed global consulting firms have specialized job opportunities for PhDs.
9. Quantitative Analyst
10. Medical Communication Specialist
11. Healthcare Information Technology Specialist
12. Operations Research Analyst: STEM PhDs with academic training in Mathematics, Statistics, Computational Modelling, and Data Mining are highly sought after for these positions
13. Medical Science Liaison

The average salary of a Ph.D. holder in abroad ranges from $55,000 – $154,000.

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