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How to get admission for Ph.D. Science?

Ph.D. is a research qualification, it is designed for individuals who have completed their post-graduation. Ph.D.’s are considered overqualified and independent individuals compared to other graduates. Ph.D. qualified professionals are high in demand. The program does not just give an opportunity to indulge in the area of your interest but as well gives an additional boost to your CV. If you are one of those who gets intrigued by molecule evolution or upcoming technologies such as artificial intelligence or Internet of Things, If you are passionate about making a contribution into this field, then Ph.D. in science should be given consideration

As per UGC norms, eligibility criteria for Ph.D. in science is 55% in masters in science or M.Phil. in Science. 5 things to remember while getting admission in Ph.D. in science:

  1. Choosing Regular or part-time
    If you are a working professional, Universities provide the option of part-time Ph.D. courses. A Ph.D. course can be pursued in a duration of 3-4 years. For individuals working in government sectors, it’s a mandate to pursue 4 years Ph.D. course. It is recommended to take a part-time Ph.D. for government employees. Whereas private sector employees and Non-resident Indians should opt for a regular 3 year Ph.D. program.
  2. Choosing University
    Choosing a correct university plays a vital role while getting admission to a Ph.D. Science enthusiast should always look for Universities who have a good alumni network, professors with expertise in the field of Science & Technology. A student-friendly university avoids the hassle of making numerous visits to the university. It’s easy to maintain a healthy work-life balance while working on your research. One should always select university which is approved by UGC and other regulatory bodies.
  3. Choosing area of research within science
    While searching for the right Ph.D. program it’s very important to be as specific as possible.
    Experience: Having prior work experience, gives students an advantage to identify their interest areas. Work experience gives a hands-on experience about the field which might interest an individual.
    Interest: One can always choose the areas which interest them. It’s not necessary to have prior experience to pursue a PhD in a particular field. Neither it’s necessary for your research topic to have a connection with your bachelor or master studies. One can always choose the different areas which they are passionate about
    Market: With an increase in demand for technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and hot science topics such as climate change, tectonic evolution of plates, it’s advisable to give a thought to these aspects in the field of science.
  4. Going directly or via an education consultant
    Ph.D. aspirants always face the dilemma of directly enrolling in a Ph.D. program or via an education consultant. The benefit of direct enrollment is it will cost less compared to the consultant approach. The option of consultant will provide you with additional help such as guidance throughout 3-4 years of the program, documentation, assistance with research, and so on. Approaching a consultant would make your Ph.D. experience more seamless and hassle-free. Given prior experience and expertise of consultancy firms, they provide the best options to the students. It is recommended to opt for a consultant as it ensures completion of your Ph.D. course without hindrance.
  5. Preparing for entrance tests and submitting the application form
    In order to pursue a Ph.D., Universities conduct entrance exams. Aspirants have to apply for these entrances and submit their research proposals. Each university has a certain number of seats and the entrance process is competitive. The process comprises of the entrance exam, personal interview, and submission of the research proposal. Documentation verification and subject knowledge are tested during these phases, the basis on which admission is offered to students.

We at Ph.D. India assists students throughout their Ph.D. journey. We help them with the research proposals, training for the entrance examination, and interviews as well.

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