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Ph.D Entrance Sample Question paper Part 2 of 4

  1. In certain coding method, the word QUESTION is encoded as DOMESTIC. In this coding, what is the code word for the word RESPONSE?
    Answer :c. OMESISCM.
    Logical Reasoning
  2. If the series 4, 5, 8, 13, 14, 17, 22, …. is continued in the same pattern which one of the following is not a term of this series?
    a. 31
    b. 32
    c. 33
    d. 35
    ANSWER :c. 33
    The series shows addition of 1,3 and 5 and this trend repeats. So, the series will be 4,5, 8,13,22,23, 26,31,32 and 35. Only 33 is the odd number that is not in the series.
  3. Complete the series BB,FE, II, ML, PP, ………. by choosing one of the following option given:
    a. TS
    b. ST
    c. RS
    d. SR
    ANSWER :a. TS
    The next in the series will be TS. After B we leave 3 and reach to F, similarly after P leaving 3, we get T and one behind that is S. So, the series is TS.
  4. A man started walking from his house towards South. After walking 6 km, he turned to his left and walked 5 km. Then he walked further 3 km after turning left. He then turned to his left and continued his walk for 9 km. how far is he away from his house?
    a.3 km
    ANSWER :c.5km
    The answer would be 5 km which is the hypotenuse of 3 km and 4 km.
  5. The first web browser is
    a. Internet explorer
    b. Netscape
    c. World Wide Web
    d. Firefox
    Answer :c. World Wide Web In 1990, almost four years before Netscape, the founder of the World Wide Web Foundation and W3C Director Tim
  6. When a computer is booting, BIOS is loaded to the memory by
    a. RAM
    b. ROM
    c. CD-ROM
    d. TC
    Answer :b. ROM
    Basic input and output is loaded to the memory by means of Read Only Memory (ROM). TCP on the other hand is the
    transmission control protocol which is used to connect host to the internet.
  7. Which one of the following is not the same as the other three?
    a. MAC address
    b. Hardware address
    c. Physical address
    d. IP address
    Answer :d. IP address
    MAC address, hardware address and physical address are all the real address that is assigned to any machine and all of them are unique in themselves. While IP address is the internet protocol address that is assigned to the systems in a network
  8. Which one of the following is not a/an image/graphic file format?
    Answer :d. GUI
    The GUI graphical user interface is a form of user interface that allows users to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and audio indicator.
  9. Identify the ip address from the following:
    a. 300. 215. 317. 3
    b. 302. 215@ 417.5
    c. 202. 50. 20. 148
    d. 202-50-20-148
    Answer :c. 202. 50. 20. 148
    The format of an IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each number can be zero to 25
  10. In a thesis, figures and tables are included in
    a. The appendix
    b. A separate chapter
    c. The concluding chapter
    d. The text itself
    Answer :d. The text itself
    Figures and tables are put in the thesis, where and when required, therefore they go along with the main text.
  11. A thesis statement is
    a. An observation
    b. A fact
    c. An assertion
    d. A discussion
    Answer : d. A discussion
    Thesis statement explains how you will interpret the significance of the subject matter under discussion and emerges you to think about a specific topic.
  12. The research approach of Max Weber to understand how people create meanings in natural settings is identified as a. Positive paradigm
    b. Critical paradigm
    c. Natural paradigm
    d. Interpretative paradigm
    Answer :d. Interpretative paradigm
    The interpretative paradigm talks about the fact that reality is constructed by subjective perception and predictions cannot be made. Researchers working on this paradigm are interested in the social construction of meaning. People have free will, purposes, goals, and intentions, so people should be studied as active agents and it explains how people create meanings in natural settings.
  13. Which one of the following is a non-probability sampling?
    a. Simple random
    b. Purposive
    c. Systematic
    d. Stratified
    Answer :b. Purposive
    Non probability sampling is also known as random sampling and is divided into two main types viz., accidental and purposive sampling.
  14. Identify the category of evaluation that assesses the learning progress to the students during instruction.
    a. Placement
    b. Diagnostic
    c. Formative
    d. Summative
    Answer :c. Formative
    Formative instructional practices are a process, both formal and informal, that teachers and students use to know where they need to go in the intended learning, it helps to gather and respond to evidence of learning.
  15. Mean, Median and Mode are :
    a. Measures of deviation
    b. Ways of sampling
    c. Measures of control tendency
    d. None of the above
    Answer: d. None of the above
    They are the measure of central tendency
  16. A common test in research demands much priority on
    a. Reliability
    b. Useability
    c. Objectivity
    d. All of the above
    Answer :d. All of the above
  17. Which of the following variables cannot be expressed in quantitative terms? a. Socio-economic Status
    b. Marital Status
    c. Numerical Aptitude
    d. Professional Attitude
    Answer :d. Professional Attitude
  18. In the process of conducting research ‘Formulation of Hypothesis” is followed by
    a. Statement of Objectives
    b. Analysis of Data
    c. Selection of Research Tools
    d. Collection of Data
    Answer :c. Selection of Research Tools
  19. What is the collection of terms or records in MARC called?
    a. System
    b. Network
    c. Website
    d. Database
    Answer :d. Database
  20. A periodical evaluation of an employee is done through……….. .
    a. Job rotation
    b. Performance appraisal
    c. Refresher course
    d. Work guide
    Answer :b. Performance appraisal
  21. What is the relationship between ISBD and cataloguing codes ?
    a. They are not related at all
    b. Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description
    c. ISBD includes cataloguing rules
    d. ISBD can replace cataloguing rules
    Answer : b. Cataloguing codes will include bibliographic description
  22. Which of the following is the first step in starting the research process?
    a. Searching sources of information to locate problem
    b. Survey of related literature
    c. Identification of problem
    d. Searching for solutions to the problem
    Answer :c. Identification of problem
    For any research to be carried out, it is necessary to first identify the problem
  23. Action research means
    a. A longitudinal research
    b. An applied research
    c. A research initiated to solve an immediate problem
    d. A research with socioeconomic objective
    Answer :c. A research initiated to solve an immediate problem
  24. The essential qualities of a researcher are
    a. Spirit of free enquiry
    b. Reliance on observation and evidence
    c. Systematization or theorizing of knowledge
    d. All the above
    Answer :d. All the above
  25. A research paper is a brief report of research work based on a. Primary Data only
    b. Secondary Data only
    c. Both Primary and Secondary Data
    d. None of the above
    Answer :c. Both Primary and Secondary Data
  26. Questionnaire is a :
    a. Research method
    b. Measurement technique
    c. Tool for data collection
    d. Data analysis technique
    Answer :c. Tool for data collection
  27. “Controlled Group” is a term used in………….. .
    a. Survey Research
    b. Historical Research
    c. Experimental Research
    d. Descriptive Research
    Answer :c. Experimental Research
  28. “Research is an organized and systematic enquiry” Defined by
    a. Marshall
    b. P. V. Young
    c. Emory
    d. Kerlinger
    Answer :a. Marshall

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