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Ph.D Entrance Sample Question paper Part 1 of 4

  1. Green Mufler is related to
    a. Soil Pollution
    b. Air Pollution
    c. Noise Pollution
    d. Water Pollution
    Answer: c. Noise Pollution
    Green Muffler is a technique of reducing noise pollution by planting 4-6 rows around the populated areas or noisy places
  2. Which one of the following is the largest ecosystem of the world?
    a. Ocean
    b. Grassland
    c. Forest
    d. Mountains
    Answer : a. Ocean
  3. NEERI’ is located at
    a. Nagpur
    b. Mumbai
    c. Chennai
    d. Bengaluru
    Answer: a. Nagpur
  4. Homi Bhabha Prize is given fort he special contribution in which of the following fields?
    a. Theoretical Physics
    b. Nuclear Energy
    c. Laser Physics
    d. Space Research
    Answer: d. Space Research
    The IUPAP-TIFR Homi Bhabha Medal and Prize will be awarded to an active scientist who has made
    distinguished contributions in the field of high energy cosmic ray physics and astro-particle physics over an extended academic career.
  5. In which of the following three states were held the Vidhan Sabha Elections along with LokSabha Elections,2014?
    a. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Nagaland
    b. Chhattisgarh, Sikkim and Odisha
    c. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim
    d. Meghalaya, Mizoram and Sikkim
    Answer :c. Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Sikkim
  6. The country’s first PostOffice Savings Bank ATM was inaugurated in February,2014at
    a. Mumbai
    b. Kolkata
    c. Chennai
    d. Ahmadabad
    Answer: c.
    Chennai. Chidambaram inaugurated the India’s first post office savings bank ATM at the Head Post Office in Thyagaraya Nagar, Chennai.
  7. Which of the following countries won the Women’s Hockey WorldCup,2014?
    a. Australia
    b. South Korea
    c. Netherlands
    d. India
    Answer:c. Netherlands
    The Netherlands won the tournament for a seventh time after defeating Australia 2–0 in the final.
  8. How many countries took part in FIFA World Cup 2014?
    a. 12
    b. 32
    c. 28
    d. 26
    Answer: B 32
  9. Whose disciple was Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti?
    a. Khawaja Adbal Chisti
    b. Shah Wali Ullah
    c. Mir Dard
    d. Khwaja Usman Haruni
    Answer: d. Khwaja Usman Haruni
  10. Akbar nama was completed by Abul Fazl in
    a. Seven years
    b. Eight years
    c. Nine years
    d. Ten years
    Answer:a. Seven years
  11. To whom Aurangzeb best owed upon the title of ‘Sahibat-uz-Zamani’ ?
    a. Shaista Khan
    b. Amin Khan
    c. Jahan Ara
    d. Roshan Ara
    Answer:c. Jahan Ara
  12. In which of his following books did Mahatma Gandhi call British Parliament as sterile and prostitute ?
    a. Sarvodaya of Universal dawn
    b. An Autobiography or the story of my experiments with truth
    c. Hind Swaraj
    d. The story of a Satyagrahi
    Answer: c. Hind Swaraj
  13. Which one of the following countries is known for very important uranium ore deposits ?
    a. Canada
    b. China
    c. Pakistan
    d. Zaire
    Answer:a. Canada
    Kazakhstan produces the largest share of uranium from mines (43% of world supply from mines in 2019), followed by Canada (13%) and Australia (12%).
  14. Japan is near self-sufficient in
    a. Bauxite
    b. Iron ore
    c. Copper
    d. Mineral oil
    Answer:c. Copper
  15. Rad cliffe line defines boundary between
    a. North Korea and South Korea
    b. U.S.A. and Canada
    c. India and Pakistan
    d. India and China
    Answer:c. India and Pakistan
    The Radcliffe Line was the boundary demarcation line between the Indian and Pakistani portions of the Punjab and Bengal provinces of British India.
  16. The Constitutional advisor to the Constituent Assembly was
    a. Sachidanand Sinha
    b. K.M. Munshi
    c. B.N. Rao
    d. T.T. Krishnamachari
    Answer:c. B.N. Rao
  17. TRYSEM is a programme of
    a. Rural Development
    b. Industrial Development
    c. Urban Development
    d. Defence Development
    Answer:a. Rural Development
    Training of Rural Youth for Self-employment” (TRYSEM) was launched by the Government of Indla, Department of Rural Development on 15″ August, 1979
  18. The ‘Nalanda Project’ is a programme of which of the following ministries ?
    a. Ministry of Culture
    b. Ministry of Human Resource Development
    c. Ministry of Minority Affairs
    d. Ministry of External Affairs
    Answer:c. Ministry of Minority Affairs
  19. According to the government estimates during 12th Five Year Plan, the infrastructure sector will require an investment of
    a. 100 billion
    b. 250 billion
    c. 500 billion
    d. 1000 billion
    Answer:d. 1000 billion
  20. By which one of the following Acts was created the Federal Court in India ?
    a. Indian Council Act, 1861
    b. Government of India act, 1909
    c. Government of India act, 1919
    d. None of the above
    Answer:d. None of the above
    The Federal Court of India was a judicial body, established in India in 1937 under the provisions of the Government of India Act 1935, with original, appellate and advisory jurisdiction.
  21. The Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) has been created under
    a. Reserve Bank of India
    b. NABARD
    c. Ministry of Agriculture
    d. Ministry of Rural Development
    Answer:b. NABARD
  22. Which one of the following States recorded the highest milk production in 2011-12 ?
    a. Uttar Pradesh
    b. Rajasthan
    c. Gujarat
    d. Punjab
    Answer: a. Uttar Pradesh
    The milk production was 2,10,31,000 tonnes.
  23. The ‘ABC Index’ announced by the government of India is related with
    a. Agriculture
    b. Communication
    c. Health
    d. Education
  24. Which one of the following is not correctly matched ?
    a. Golden Langur : Endangered
    b. Desert Cat : Endangered
    c. Hoolock Gibbon : Endangered
    d. Asiatic Wild Dog : Vulnerable
    Answer: d.Asiatic Wild Dog: Vulnerable
  25. 25.The concept of ‘Vicious Circle of Poverty’ is related to
    a. Karl Marx
    b. Nurkse
    c. Adam Smith
    d. None of the above
    Answer: b. Nurkse
    According to Prof. Nurkse. “It implies circular constellation of forces tending to act and react one another in such a way as to keep a poor country in a state of poverty.
  26. Which one of the following is not a secondary pollutant ?
    a. PAN
    b. Smog
    c. Sulphur dioxide
    d. Ozone
    Answer:c. Sulphur dioxide
  27. Ozone protects biosphere from
    a. Infra-red rays
    b. Ultraviolet rays
    c. X-rays
    d. Gama rays
    Answer: b. Ultraviolet rays
  28. Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder, in which people
    a. walk during sleep without knowing what he or she is doing.
    b. sleep with eyelids half open
    c. briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep
    d. make loud snoring sound while a sleep
    Answer :c. briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep
    Sleep apnea is a potentially serious sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.
  29. The real name of Gulzar the winner of Dada Saheb Phalka Award, 2014 is
    a. Sampurna Singh Kalra
    b. Sadanand Singh Kalia
    c. Surjeet Singh Kohli
    d. Prabodh Chandra Bhatia
    Answer :a. Sampurna Singh Kalra
  30. What is the date of Sarnath Buddhist image inscription of Kanishka?
    a. 78 A.D.
    b. 81 A.D.
    c. 98 A.D.
    d. 121 A.D.Answer.b. 81 A.D.
  31. In a post-office, stamps of three different denominations of Rs.7, Rs. 8, Rs. 10 are available. The exact amount for which one cannot buy stamps is ?
    Answer :a. 19
    Rs.29 = 3(Rs. 7 stamp) + 1(Rs.8 stamp)
    Rs.23 = 1(Rs. 7 stamp) + 2(Rs. 8 stamp)
    Rs.20 = 2(Rs.10 stamp)
    so, for Rs.19 one cannot buy any stamps.

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