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Tips on writing a statement of purpose for your Ph.D. Thesis

Here are 6 tips on writing a statement of purpose for your Ph.D. Thesis

Display your curiosity
One the trait of  researcher or a potential Ph.D. student is their curiosity . While writing your Sop display your intellectual curiosity. Emphasise what ideas and questions drives your curiosity. Give examples accordingly

Do not focus on teaching
It can be detrimental if your primary focus of Ph.D. is teaching at university. Ph.D. is about training yourself to do high quality research. Faculty usually look for candidates who are passionate about research and focus towards it

Highlight research focus & skill sets
Its advisable to highlight your skillset and any relevant experience you have.  This helps admissions committee to understand your interests. You can as well include recognition you received.

Show how you fit
Tell university why you think you are proper fin for their program., what differentiates you from others and what you bring to the table. Refer to university website to demonstrate knowledge of the program.

Focus on Why
Address the question on why are you keen on pursuing Ph.D. Why do you consider certain field to be your domain of interest. Why are looking forward to study at particular university

Introduce yourself
The whole idea of Sop is to help admission committee know about yourself. Its an opportunity where you can showcase your intellect.  Do not focus on boasting universities and their faculty.

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